Retro is back this gift-giving season

Quaint, charming, kitsch, nostalgic – these are all things that we associate with retro gifts so it is no surprise that we love receiving them! If you’ve been pondering on what to buy people on your Christmas list then a retro gift could be just the thing that’s sure to impress.

A blast from the past is always going to stir up happy memories whether it’s a favourite game, food or other product that you just don’t see any more these days. If you’ve stuck for gift ideas then why not take a trip down memory lane with these fun retro gift suggestions.


If you were a kid growing up in the 1990s then chances are you remember sneakily playing one of these under the cover of your desk when you were at school! And actually they’re kind of back which isn’t really surprising considering that we’re all addicted to our digital devices. To treat someone to a Tamagotchi, you have 2 options; you can either get them the actual gadget just like they’ll remember, or alternatively gift them the official App from either Google Play or the App store. It’ll definitely keep them amused over Christmas dinner!

The retro sweet hamper

For a gift that is going to indulge their sweet tooth, how about a retro sweet hamper? Thanks to online shopping, you can easily find all of those fun and quirky sweets from yesteryear and particularly towards Christmas time, you can find these types of hampers. And with hampers, you can definitely get more sweet for your buck – so for a gift that’s as sweet as them and will bring back sweet shop memories, get a retro sweet hamper.

Old school fashion

In one way or another, retro is always in vogue within the world of fashion, and at the moment we are seeing a particularly strong tend towards a 90s revival. Crop tops, puffer jackets, ripped jeans, chokers, platform shoes – remember the Spice Girls? You could do worse than look to them for style tips! If you know somebody that loves their fashion, then you can always treat them to some retro fashion that is still bang on trend – just take their style into consideration and have a think about what they would wear.

Jigsaws & board games

For a really traditional gift that still remains a Christmas classic, a jigsaw or a board game is really going to put a smile on their face. From Buckaroo to Monopoly, Mouse Trap and more, most of us love a bit of nostalgia so a board game will be a most welcome gift. As for jigsaws, look out for fun Christmas designs that the whole family can have a go at this Christmas – even if you never finish it, you’ll enjoy spending time together!

So turn your gaze back for this gift-giving season to find some inspiration for some great retro gifts that they are going to love.

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