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We’ve already had a full article dedicated to unicorns and mermaids, so we think it is only right that we have a look into more techy toys. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, thanks to modern innovations and technologies, techy toys are now more exciting than ever, and of course they make fantastic Christmas gifts.

For both kids and adults, there can be nothing quite like having a gadget to play with come Christmas morning and these days since there is such a big range, it is easier than ever to find a techy toy to suit your budget. If you are stuck for ideas when it comes to fun techy toys for this Christmas, then here are some of our favourites.

Doodle track car set

This idea is seemingly so simple and yet it is just brilliant and is sure to delight everyone. Basically the toy car has an optical sensor inside of it meaning that it can follow thick black lines. And although the kit comes with a black marker, any thick felt tip pen will do! Just draw the line across sheets of white paper on the floor, and the car will follow it like magic. The great thing about this toy is that it’s just a bit more imaginative than your usual car toys, and will get the kids drawing too.

Drones for kids

Although fancy drones with camera capabilities can cost many hundreds of pounds, more simple ones that are ideal for kids are much more reasonably priced. Take this one by DROCON for example which usually retails at around £60. Brightly coloured, robust, and foldable, it features an easy to work controller as well as a torch-light. With 3 flying speeds, it also means they can practice a bit before they have it zooming about all over the place!

Kamigami robot

With 6 designs to choose from, Kamigami robots are set to be one of the big toy gifts of the Christmas season. Basically a cool looking insect robot that you have to build yourself (suitable for older kids), once fully assembled thanks to a phone app and Bluetooth connectivity, you can control it and watch it scuttle across the floor just like a bug. If you get a couple of these, they can actually sort of battle each other which is sure to provide hours of entertainment. With a rechargeable battery, this is an ideal Christmas toy.

Dance code with Princess Belle

Even Disney princesses are going high tech these days as shown by this Princess Belle doll which teaches the rudiments of basic coding. Available exclusively at Amazon, it is a great way to get little girls (and Belle fans of all ages really!) into learning coding. Fun and educational and tapping into one of the biggest film trends of the year, we are in love with this doll!

Techy gifts are always going to be welcome under the Christmas tree so have a think about what you want to buy for this December 25th.

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