They’ll never know it was last minute!

No matter how good our intentions may be, sometimes we end up being a little less organised than we should which can result in a mad last minute scramble. At Christmas time we seem to be particularly susceptible to this what with all the decorating, parties, card writing and more, all eating into our time. And this can all result in having to resort to last minute gift buying.

Of course ideally we’d have everything bought and wrapped by the end of November leaving us free to enjoy a more relaxing December, however realistically it doesn’t always work like that. If you’ve accidentally left your Christmas gift buying a bit late, then don’t worry, with these following gift ideas they’ll never know!

And with these suggestions, you won’t even have to brave those pre-Christmas crowds since you can buy them all online. But if you’re worried about not having enough delivery time left, then don’t fret; all of these are actually gift experiences meaning you can click to buy and get your confirmation and gift voucher through immediately. What could be more convenient than that?

Gifts for the pampered princess

Most of us will have somebody in our life who rates rest, relaxation and of course a bit of pampering highly on their wish-list, so even with a last minute gift, you can easily indulge them. Coupons and vouchers for local salons will see them enjoying manicures, facials, pedicures, hair treatments, massages and more, and all at your expense. And who wouldn’t love getting a luxurious salon treatment that they don’t have to pay for as a gift?!

If you want to give a beautifying gift that’s on a grander scale, then do consider something like a spa afternoon. You can either arrange it so that you can enjoy it together (which is a win-win situation!) or alternatively gift them a voucher for 2 so they can relax with whoever they like. Just choose a spa that will be local and convenient for them; a safe choice, this is a gift that practically anybody would love!

Treating the foodie

A lot of us are self-confessed gourmands, so getting a last minute gift that indulges their palate is a wonderful idea. Something like a gift card for a 2 or 3-course meal for two at their favourite local restaurant is not only something that’s really thoughtful, but also something that they are really going to enjoy. If you’d rather give them a food experience that they probably wouldn’t treat themselves too, then we are big fans of afternoon tea; cakes, coffee, tea, and sandwiches, we have to confess we love it more than brunch!

Perhaps you’d like to be a bit more unusual with your gift-giving though, in which case what about a cookery master-class? From making sushi to cake decoration, French cuisine – the options are endless meaning that even with your last minute gift, you can be supremely original.

Pleasing your parents

When it comes to leaving gifts to the last minute, major victims are parents since they do have to love you no matter what! Don’t just settle for a bottle of their favourite wine this year though; instead get them something that they are really going to remember and appreciate. For a grand gesture and to show them how much you care, we think gifting them an overnight stay in a country hotel is going to hit the nail on the head. Online you can find really competitive deals for these types of hotel stays, and they will love the fact that you are giving them the chance to spend some quality time together.

Mini breaks aren’t for everybody though, so if you think they’d prefer something that will last, why not give them the gift of a family photo session? Not only will they be able to get the whole family together, but they’re going to have beautiful professional photos to treasure for years to come.

The unexpected gift

Sometimes, only a gift with the wow-factor will do, and that’s where exciting and unexpected gifts come in. Maybe your sibling has always wanted to throw themselves out of a plane sky-diving or perhaps your friend fancies dangling at the end of a bungee rope. For all the thrill-seekers out there, there are gift experiences to suit from escape rooms to sports car racing. The great thing about this type of gift is that it is completely unforgettable!

You don’t always have to get their heart-racing to give them an unexpected experience that they’re still going to love. For example, what about having them take in a show on you? Or maybe a relaxing river tour will be more their style. They are bound to enjoy a gift like this where they can make some lasting memories.

Last minute gifts don’t have to mean panic buying, and we’d definitely suggest that you don’t head to the shops but rather stick to online shopping to make it as easy as possible for yourself. For the inspiration for a lot of the suggestions you can find here, we actually only ended up heading to one site, and if you want more of the same then we recommend that you check out these gift ideas at Groupon. They have a lot of experiences and vouchers that can all easily be purchased at the last minute, meaning you can get on with the festivities (or defrosting that monster turkey!).

So this festive season, be smart and avoid panic buying gifts that’ll just be left to gather dust. Instead treat them to experiences they’re going to love – and best of all, they’re never going to suspect that you left it to the last minute!

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